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Andy JefferyHi. I’m Andy Jeffery (you can call me AJ), Owner and Head Coach at AJ CrossFit. And I’d like to personally invite you to come in and find how we can help you transform your body and achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to finally lose weight, get lean and feel good about your body… or you simply want a fun new way to stay fit and challenge yourself, our team here at
AJ CrossFit have the answer.

But you’re probably wondering…

Why am I offering this free consultation at absolutely no cost to you?

The answer is simple. I want you to have the opportunity to experience for yourself what we have to offer… and see if it’s right for you. Not only that, we want to make sure you’re a good fit for our community.

You see, since starting AJ CrossFit back in 2006 (known as AJ Fitness back then), my team and I have worked hard to create an environment where people not only get exceptional results and achieve their fitness goals… but where they actually enjoy the process. And I’m committed to maintaining that.

We’ve grown an incredible community here, where everyone actually looks forward to coming to train. It’s like one big family. Everyone supports and encourages one another to give their all, achieve their own individual goals, and push through their limits.

And now, with our newest facility, we are able to bring the AJ CrossFit experience to the Cleveland, Capalaba and Redlands area too.

You can take comfort knowing this is a no pressure and no obligation offer. You’re not going to get the ‘hard sell’ when you come see us. That’s not what we’re all about.

This is simply an opportunity to find out if we’re right for you and what you’d like to achieve.

But before I continue…


Wow! What a great day! So chuffed to be involved in something so positive, healthy and fun. Thanks Andy Jeffery, you have created something very special in AJCrossfit, with a great bunch of peeps!

- Jane E., AJ CrossFit member

Here’s Just A Few Reasons Our Clients
Choose AJ CrossFit Over Other Gyms


Just wanted to say thank you for having us at cross fit, I absolutely love it, lost one dress size, feel better, feel very motivated, seems like Ross is enjoying it a lot as well, so we end up fighting who will go:) I recommend it to everyone now:)

- Natalya P., AJ CrossFit member

After only a couple of weeks with you I am really enjoying the program and seeing some results already so very keen to continue

Having a great time (except for 1500m runs). Feeling stronger and fitter than I have for many years.

- John B., AJ CrossFit member
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    No lock-in contracts…

    And there’s no joining and cancelling fees either. We’re just not that kind of gym. Instead, we’re convinced you’ll absolutely love AJ CrossFit and want to stick around of your own free will. And if things change in your life in a couple months or years, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges.

  • 2

    Our incredible community…

    We’re proud of the community we’ve been fortunate to create at AJ CrossFit. Everyone is made to feel welcome, and know each other by name. No one gets left behind… your team mates will be by your side, encouraging you through to the final rep (and sometimes you need that to get through a workout)

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    Personalised fitness planning…

    We craft a fitness plan tailored to your own individual needs – covering not just exercise, but critical factors such as nutrition and strategies to keep you motivated.

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    We cater to all levels of fitness…

    We strongly believe that CrossFit training is for everyone. For an exercise to make it into our Workout of the Day (WOD), it must be hard enough for the fittest to get a great workout, but also scalable so that an easier version of the same exercise can be performed by anyone at any fitness level.

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    All sessions are guided by our exceptional coaches…

    You'll never be left to fend for yourself at our gym — training injury free is our top priority! We have some of Australia's most experienced and qualified CrossFit coaches guiding you every step of the way. Training with correct technique and intensity will make sure you get the best results possible while keeping safe from injury.

What You Can Expect When You
Come In For Your Free Consultation

When you come in, I’ll personally take you for a quick tour of our facilities to show you where all the magic happens.

Following this, we’ll dive straight into a discussion about where you’re currently at with your health and fitness (including any injuries, medical conditions and your typical day’s diet), and also where you’d ideally like to be.

This is important as it builds a foundation for the next step.

We believe that success in fitness, like anything else, requires a great "game plan" before you begin. And that’s why we devise a fitness plan specifically catered to your individual needs.

This is focused around our 3 key components of any successful fitness plan...


Thanks Andy! I had a great first night last night – scared initially but felt awesome after doing the exercise and achieving.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to a great crossfit lifestyle from here on end. Bring it on!

- Michelle R., AJ CrossFit member

Motivation Strategy

Find out how our members keep training consistently, year after year, and how you too can make fitness an integral part of your life for the long term…

Exercise Strategy

There is an ideal intensity, frequency and type of training that will get you to your goals fast… And we’ll help you discover it.

Nutrition Strategy

We will share our simple 4 step AJ CrossFit nutrition prescription. It’s the real reason our CrossFitters are so lean, toned, and healthy…


I have lost 6 kilos since I first met you guys a few weeks ago by following the nutrition plan you put me on.

- Michelle R., AJ CrossFit member

By the end of our meeting, we'll both have a solid idea of what you need to achieve your goals. So if everything feels like a good fit, we’ll step you right into your first Intro session.

Your Intro program (consisting of 3 personal training sessions) is designed specifically to help you learn the essential movements required for safe and effective CrossFit training. These sessions also provide us an opportunity to gauge your fitness level so we can scale your workouts to just the right intensity for you.

Once you complete your 3 Intro sessions, you’ll be ready to join our group training sessions.

There’s one last thing I want you to know, it’s important…

We Can Only Accept 150 Members Total

You see, to be fair to our members… and to ensure our coaches can continue to deliver the high level of attention and support we pride ourselves on… we need to limit how many members can be a part of AJ CrossFit East.


Thanks Andy! I really enjoyed my first group session! it was lovely that everyone was so friendly :)

- Mel J., AJ CrossFit member

So if you’d like to become a part of our exclusive community here, or simply want to experience for yourself what we have on offer, reserve your Free Consultation right now. Click the button below and we’ll take care of the rest.

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Andy, and the team at AJ CrossFit

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A big thank you to my mates at Aj crossfit ! Went to dr’s this morning blood pressure perfect ! Myself and children thank you! 6 months ago I needed medication for the rest of my life . Not anymore cheers !

- Stephen B., AJ CrossFit member

The other day I was thinking, “why is CrossFit so addictive?” (because I want to come back, day after day, even though I check the WOD beforehand), and I realised it’s because of the great atmosphere.

There’s no judging (unlike the university gym I used to go to), and I’ve made so many friends! It’s always a laugh and everyone is always really encouraging, letting each other know when they’ve improved.

- Jazz D., AJ CrossFit member

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? No problem.

Here's a few questions we often hear. If you have any other questions not answered below, you're more than welcome to give me a call on 0423 176 808

Is CrossFit right for me?

We strongly believe that CrossFit training is for everyone!

We train clients with a vast array of backgrounds and abilities but most are definitely not in the serious athlete category when we first meet them. We think of ourselves as the CrossFit for people who really need it.

Do I need to be at a minimum level of fitness to start training at AJ CrossFit?

Not at all. Whether you currently workout 6 days a week and run marathons... or have been training as a couch potato... we scale the workouts to suit your fitness level.

I have a dislocated shoulder/broken leg can I still do CrossFit training?

Actually Yes! We will most likely want to get in contact with your physio to make sure that our programming will complement the rehab of your injury but all our workouts can be modified to accommodate any issues you have.

How long will my consultation go for?

All up you can expect it to go for around an hour. 30 minutes for your actual consultation, and another 30 dedicated to your first Intro session.

Is there any obligation to join AJ CrossFit when I come in for my consultation?

Absolutely not. The purpose of our consultations are to ensure that this is an ideal fit for you. If you're simply not feeling it, or this isn't ideal for your individual goals, then that's perfectly fine. No hard feelings.

How much does it cost to be a part of AJ CrossFit East?

Our Intro program is $149 — which includes 3 personal training sessions solely focused on teaching you everything you need to know to perform CrossFit movements effectively and safely.

Our regularly weekly membership, where you can come in for unlimited sessions, is only $49 per week

Do you have a contract period?

No. Unlike all the big chain gyms, our members keep coming back to AJ CrossFit because they love training with us, not because of a contract.

Any start-up fees, cancellation fees or hidden costs I should know about?

Again, we are not that kind of gym!

Where is AJ CrossFit East located?

You'll find us at 3/21-27 Enterprise St, Cleveland, QLD 4163.

We also have a location at Carina.


I’ve got to thinking a few times recently how awesome you and your team are at making people feel important and feel like individuals.

From my own experience and from watching your interactions with other clients, what really stands out to me is that although you would have already explained the same thing many times that day, you guys always make it seem like its the first time you’ve gone through it.

I think you are all fantastic!

- Sharon B., AJ CrossFit member

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